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Tour of Bergamo with a TASTING Experience

In the "courses of my dish" I propose several itineraries in special different places on the local mountains and hills, on the lakes or in the plane where it is possible to discover another aspect of the bergamask culture that is represented by the rich and high-quality enogastronomic world.

Bergamo Capital of Cheeses in Italy & Europe

(9 O.D.P. CHEESES produced in Val Brembana)

Bergamo is not exclusively magnificent for its historic and artistic heritage but for its exquisite enogastronomy and I'd like to be an ambassador of the LOCAL FOOD in my land, particularly of cheeses and Valcalepio and Moscato di Scanzo wines.

For this reason I want to give my guests the possibility to enrich their cultural tour with a complete view of some of the excellences that can be found in this territory promoting a CHEESE - TOUR and a CHEESE & WINE TOUR based on the discovery of the local CHEESES and WINES directly in the places where they are produced (for an itinerary that has a duration of a day or of a shorter itinerary of few hours in the town with a stop for a cheese & wine tasting in special place I know).

The Cheese tasting experience is a way of tasting the most natural and traditional flavours present in our 9 ODP CHEESES!

I'm officially an ONAF Cheese Taster (National Organization for Cheese Tasters) and I love to accompany my guests to discover the amazing Orobie Prealps Natural landscapes and some of the villages where there are small familiar dairies where it is possible to have a short view of the production of the most famous cheeses like the TALEGGIO ODP, the STRACHITUNT ODP, FORMAI DE MUT ODP, BRANZI FTB etc or to reach one of the WINE CELLAR on the hillyside region where the Valcalepio wines and Moscato di Scanzo are produced o a FRANCIACORTA wine cellar where the Italian champagne is produced discovering all the differencies and high qualities of these extraordinary wines.

The Wine Streets

Valcalepio & Moscato di Scanzo

Discover the wine street in Valcalepio area to learn more about the enological bergamask world of the Valcalepio wines and Moscato di Scanzo wine, two autoctone productions reaching the highest quality performance.

Visit the Castle in Grumello del Monte, its medioeval huge tower and the voulted roof wine-cellar, tasting the Colle Calvario wines; Reach the ancient sand-stone quarry called "Le Molere" in Gandosso where the Romans used to work the stone to obtain mill-stones of which several traces are still visible. Taste the excellent wines and foods at the "Fontanile Tallarini Wine Cellar".

Reach the area of the Scanzo hills where it is possible to taste the famous "Moscato di Scanzo" at La Brugherata, a spectacular nice place amidst gentle hills carefully cultivated with vineyards or Celinate wine cellars.

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Happy Clients

We loved our visit to Bergamo. We found the upper town and its history and beauty to be both above our expectations and intoxicatingly wonderful. Our group of 8 selected this day as our favorite among the 11 days we spent in Cinque Terre and the Lake areas. Sara Cologni and her tour, a three hour exploration of the upper town followed by a one hour cheese tasting, central in our enjoyment.

We booked a 3 hour walking tour of Bergamo with Sara. Our entire experience, from booking onwards was terrific. Sara is a very friendly, helpful, knowledgable guide who is clearly passionate about her work and her city. We had a wonderful time with her and would have been happy to have continued for longer if we had the time to have done so

We approached Sara to see whether she could organise a full day trip which would show us the local landscape, in its wide ranging forms and at the same time introduce us to the people and its food. So to experience the Tallegio cheese factory, have a superb lunch in a small "local" restaurant and then finish the afternoon in Franciacorta wine region tasting really good sparkiling wines - whilst learning so much from her on so many different topics - made for a great day