Bergamo Visit, Sara Cologni, Licensed tour guide for Bergamo and Province

Bergamo a Town - Two Souls

Bergamo is a special town which contains the beauty of two different worlds in a perfect balance: the Upper-Town and the Lower-Town.

The Old Town Tour 'Città Alta'

Visit the historical centre of the ancient town, its monuments set like precious buds on the hills protected by the venetian walls.

Discover Piazza Vecchia important stage of historical events encircled by important private and public buildings, the XI Century first City Hall of Bergamo, the Civic Tower nicknamed "Campanone" on the top of which enjoy a breathtaking panorama.

Città Bassa - The Modern Town

Explore the central part of the lower town...

he Piacentini Centre planned at the beginning of the XX° Century generating the heart of the modern town with an extraordinary architectonic result that granted the preservation of the skyline of the ancient town on the hills and a symbolic constant dialogue between the two worlds.

Walk along the "Sentierone" joining the two ancient boroughs of S. Leonardo and S. Antonio.

Discover the representative buildings symbol of the civil power: the Palace of the Province of Bergamo, close to it along via Tasso, the first City Hall in the lower part of the town after the Unification of Italy, now a public library and then the beautiful Teatro Donizetti, the temple of the Music in Bergamo.

Lorenzo Lotto Tour

Follow the colour traces left by the great renaissance venetian painter Lorenzo lotto who spent more than ten years in Bergamo leaving important altarpieces in S. Bartolomeo, S. Spirito and S. Bernardino in lower town.

Find him in the Carrara Picture Gallery with his natural portraits commissioned by the bergamask middle class.

Admire the deep naturalism of his characters and his stunning palette of colours.

Discover Lorenzo Lotto as the author of a delicate fresco dedicated to the life of the Virgin in a lateral chapel of the amazing Church of S.Michele of the "White Well" full of art treasures.

Discover the masterpieces of Lorenzo Lotto in the Basilica of S. Maria Maggiore with his breathless inlaid-wooden-works in the front-balustrade of the main altar that he had drawn

Noble Palaces Tour

Discover the most beautiful historical noble dwellings in the Upper-town dated back to seventeen and eighteen century.

Enter the private and intimate spaces of the Counts Moroni Family and Marchesi Terzi Family. Live the charming atmosphere of a Barocco and Rococo style building where everything is still perfectly conserved as it was in the past.

Both the aristocratic dwellings reflect the comfort, the social status-symbol, and the absolute refined and educated taste of these aristocratic families, their great competence in selecting precious and high quality works of art.

Discover their private picture galleries hosting paintings by G.B. Moroni, Bernardino Luini, Tiepolo, Hayez, Tallone.

Gaetano Donizetti Tour

Explore the Upper Town and the Lower Town visiting those places involved with the life of Gaetano Donizetti, the most famous bergamask composer; reach first his native house in Via Borgo Canale and then Piazza Mascheroni, Via Arena with a visit to the Museum dedicated to him in the sixteen century building of the MIA.

Walk alongside the Arena street again discovering the first school of music in Bergamo, founded by Simon Mayr and discover at the right corner of the street not to far away the Scotti Palace where Gaetano Donizetti died on April 8th, 1848.

Enter the Basilica of S. Maria Maggiore, the musical chapel of Bergamo. Discover his funerary monument sculptured by Vincenzo Vela in 1855 with a rich simbology.

Find a moment to relax, enter a coffee bar to enjoy a short relaxing time and taste an exquisite local cake called "Torta Donizetti" with a warm cup of tea or coffee or a special glass of the Moscato di Scanzo, a wine tasted by the Russian zar. Reach the Sentierone in Lower Town on foot (or by Funicular) and discover the important presence of Teatro Donizetti and its history exactlyin the heart of the modern town.

It is possible to reserve the entrance to the Theatre. The tour ends in front of the monument to Donizetti by Francesco Jerace prepared to celebrate the composer in 1897.